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Environmental Monitoring & Strategic Management Module
MineMap is committed to long-range scheduling and strategic planning, critical to all phase of mine planning.

To further our commitment we have now released our Environmental Monitoring and Strategic Management module. Please ask your MineMap representative for more details.
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MineMap Pty Ltd Products

IMS™ Mine Planning Software

IMS (Mine Planning Software) is a complete mining software package used for exploration, surveying, geological modelling and mine planning at many mine sites throughout the world.

The central CAD module in IMS integrates CAD functionality with drillhole data, model data, rendering and bitmap images - all in a true 3D environment. OpenGL rendering is used to provide a better quality of information display.

Rendered 3D views and rotation, incorporating pits, wireframes, drillholes and model cells can be displayed or printed/plotted using any printer or plotter that is supported by Microsoft Windows. Background images (e.g. aerial photos) can be under-layed, while working with string/drillhole data on screen.

Express™ Optimum Haul Road Design Package (Optimum Planit)

Express is the complete Optimum Haul Road Design Package for use within the mining and the construction industries.

In 1965 Dr Lerches and Dr Grossmann developed a pit optimisation system (the LG) using a mathematical concept called graph theory. This system has become the basis of many pit optimisers available today (eg. Whittle, MineMap, and others).

Twenty years later, graph search theory was developed to accommodate the massive data sets required by expert systems for automated decision making.

Ten years further on, the Optimum Planit research team, led by Dr Tim Gill (with the aid of industry), developed dynamic graph search theory to accommodate dynamic, massive data sets. This research is available in the Express software.

BluePipe™ Mine Control over your Mobile Assets

BluePipe enables miners and mining contractors to take better control over their businesses through its On-Site suite of Smart Tracking and Communications services.

With ever growing cellular coverage for mobile networks and local area cellular networks, remote operations no longer means isolated operations.

It is now viable for cellular services to be brought on site and leveraged for asset extraction and production tracking.

BluePipe is harnessing this industry proven technology to provide greater control and more effective decision making to the mining community.

MineMap™ Professional Mining Software Rental Services

MineMap also offers a Pay as You Use services (Software Rental Services) for MineMap Professional.

A once off set up fee applies to Pay as You Use services (Software Rental Services).

80% of the rental fee would be deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy the software.

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