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Environmental Monitoring & Strategic Management Module
MineMap is committed to long-range scheduling and strategic planning, critical to all phase of mine planning.

To further our commitment we have now released our Environmental Monitoring and Strategic Management module. Please ask your MineMap representative for more details.
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Comprehensive and easy to operate
“It is exactly what you asked for”
IMS™ Mine Planning Software
At every stage of the mining cycle IMS assists in making critical decisions by providing all the required tools to effectively manage all mine planning, geological and survey requirements. IMS is so versatile that it has been successfully used in exploring, developing and mining both Open Pit/Cut and Underground Operations for a variety of commodities including:

  » Metalliferous – precious and base metals
» Coal
» Mineral Sands
» Iron Ore
» Limestone
» Aggregates
» Rare Earths
» Alluvial Gold
» Bauxite
» Diamonds
» Industrial Minerals

IMS provides a range of modelling facilities. Simply select the most appropriate method to model valuable exploration and mine data. Virtually all commodities and styles of mineralisation can be accurately evaluated.

Easy and practical interpretation of geological data from all 2D and 3D sources allows the creation of accurate geological models.

Rapid updates of mine plans from survey data is simple and calculating volumes between any surveyed surfaces is swift.

IMS provides a wide range of:
  1. Geological Modelling Capabilities;
2. Resource and Reserve Estimation Methods;
3. Mine Planning and Design for Open Pit and Underground Mines; and
4. Scheduling and Reporting Capabilities.

IMS™ features include but are not restricted to:

Data Analysis

Easy analysis of drill holes, surface mapping and geologist interpretation allows development of accurate geological models.

Geological Modelling
Efficient tools for assessment of exploration data coupled with flexible modelling facilities allows accurate and rapid evaluation of any deposit.

Open Pit
Cross Section

Reserve Reports
Reserves reported from the geological model account for any combination of modelled commodities, grade ranges, elevation or depth below the surface.

Open Pit Optimisation
Rapid evaluation of optimal open pit configurations using the proven Lerch Grossman 3D algorithm considers final pit slopes, mining costs and production revenues.

Open Pit and Underground Mine Design
  1. Open pits, haul road and pit optimisation (Lerch Grossman Pit Optimiser);

2. Stopes, ring drill layouts, show intersections between drives and orebodies, and calculate volumes inside drives.

Open Pit / Cast Design / Optimisation

Open Pit / Cast Optimisation and Design


Montage is MineMap’s next generation plot editor that creates plots of several objects on the same page.

The software can modify existing plot files produced in Section View Publisher and Plan View Publisher (two of several IMS plugins). Montage can also incorporate drawing objects, bitmap images and Microsoft Office files in the plot files. In short, Montage acts like a type setting application to customise plots.

Production Scheduling
Sequential reporting of reserves within mining areas or progressive 3D mine designs give the planner detailed grade/tonnage reports for short and long term mine production.

Survey Updates & Volumes
Fast updates of mine plans from survey data is easy, and volumes between any surveyed surfaces can be calculated swiftly.

Production Reconciliation
Meaningful reconciliation of production results with those predicted from grade control data, mine plans or geological models is quickly achievable.

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