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Environmental Monitoring & Strategic Management Module
MineMap is committed to long-range scheduling and strategic planning, critical to all phase of mine planning.

To further our commitment we have now released our Environmental Monitoring and Strategic Management module. Please ask your MineMap representative for more details.
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Comprehensive and easy to operate
“It is exactly what you asked for”
BluePipe™ Mine Control over your Mobile Assets
BluePipe enables miners and mining contractors to take better control over their businesses through its On-Site suite of Smart Tracking and Communications services. With ever growing cellular coverage for mobile networks and local area cellular networks, remote operations no longer means isolated operations.

It is now viable for cellular services to be brought on site and leveraged for asset, extraction and production tracking. BluePipe is harnessing this industry proven technology to provide greater control and more effective decision making to the Australian mining community.

Can you afford not to take the BluePipe On-Site suite with you?
The On-Site suite combines cellular data communications technology, inexpensive compact transceivers and industry leading software to enable:
» Preventative maintenance rather than costly repair providing greater asset uptime
» Operator monitoring to maximise effective output and support operator re-/training
» Ore grade management based upon extraction locations
» Asset efficiency metrics
» Immediate action via in-cab communication devices to deliver tasking or corrective
    instructions directly to operators
» Minimise waste through ensuring valuable ore is not discarded to the waste dum

All of these can be achieved in near-real time. Together, the potential savings from these control improvements vastly outweigh the cost of rapidly deploying the On-Site suite.

Rapid Return on Investment
Customers already using components of the On-Site suite acknowledge that it enables them to quickly and accurately assess how the site is running. Supervisors can monitor cycles per hour or shift and if operators are behind target, they can instantly investigate and address the issues.

If an operator’s behaviour is causing excessive vehicle or tyre wear then why not identify this trend before the equipment has to be parked up? The ability to schedule mobile equipment to the right place at the right time significantly increases productivity and achieving rapid return on investment that will have you endorsing BluePipe for other sites.

Unique Features

BluePipe is offering new features and a service that includes:
  » Ease of deployment. BluePipe does it all in partnership with the Telco.
» Managed cost environment packaged with applications that make it completely viable » No large lump sum
» Whole of site solution with standardised communications - one communications
    strategy everywhere which simplifies your life.
» Scaleable so you can scale up/down according to the mine cycle.
» Quick deployment at the mine site of a mobile phone system.

Key features of BluePipe include:

» Vehicle Tracking Service
Monitor driver behaviours/vehicle utilisation/vehicle activity/current location/historical location.

» Automated Scheduling
Enable scheduling of vehicle activities and that provides alerts to user definable business rules - such as truck is tipping at wrong stockpile.

» Occupational Health and Safety
Team orientated incident management software with escalation capability.

» Communications Enhancement
A range of options to enhance coverage at a site in specific consultation with the client. The service includes a site survey, carrier liaison, installation and deployment support.

» Communications Provision
Remote sites can be provided with a complete Commercial Off the Shelf solution.

» Telemetry
Through a single interface the mine is able to operate a telemetry system to monitor specific needs for the monitoring of remote elements including equipment, processes and gates.

» PDA applications and e-reporting
Customer tailored applications delivered through in-vehicle screens, PDA’s or PC’s to address business requirements including interfacing with ERP packages like Pronto.

» State of the Art Communications
Latest Push to Talk technology to allow one on one and one to many broadcasts.

Smart Tracking / Mine Fleet Management
Smart Tracking / Mine Fleet Management

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